Edge of Glory

My guides often speak to me through my dreams. At times, the messages are just for me– answers to my questions, clarity for the situations I am facing– but often these messages are everyone. This dream I’m sharing now…it’s for everyone.

It begins with me and four friends running. It is a run for survival, the kind of run that could only be fueled by an instinctual desire to live through the very next moment. Then, in typical dream fashion, we come to the edge of a cliff. Together we pause, see the water two hundred feet below, look at one another, and, without words, back up to get a running start. Instantly we take off toward the edge, close our eyes and jump…well, everyone except me. When I get to the edge I freeze; I just stand there looking over as my friends splash into the water below. In this moment, what was two hundred feet below now seems like five hundred and the water that looked calm and peaceful now appears infested with sharks.
I wait anxiously to see if my friends’ heads surface, wait to see if they survived. Sure enough they did and, moreover, they did not seem the least bit threatened by the sharks that swam around them. Instead, they yelled, waved their arms, called me to join them. I searched and searched for the courage to jump but remained unable to move. One friend even returned to the top of the cliff to get me. He told me how refreshed, calm, and confident he now felt after taking the risk of jumping and surviving. I saw in him pure peace and a clear knowledge that everything would be okay. I continued to search for courage within, but still I could not move a muscle.
The dream ended there- with me on top of a cliff immobilized by fear and slowly filling with regret, sadness, and envy. Why couldn’t I find the courage those around me seemed to have?

When I awoke a song filled my head, “The Edge of Glory,” and the dream’s message became clear: We are all standing on a cliff overlooking our personal glory- we can choose to stay at the edge immobilized by fear while our insides fill with negative emotions and regret or we can take the risk and jump in experiencing the glorious waters below. Which will you choose?


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