“I’m still blown away by how awesome my reading was with you yesterday. Thank you so much Dee!!” ~M.M.

“I was amazed at how much understanding and healing can come from just one session of this work. It brought fears I refused to recognize and negative thought habits I didn’t know I had to the front of my consciousness. I had been inventing barriers to happiness that weren’t really there, and I left feeling that those barriers had lifted. I felt lighter more free, and more prepared to live creatively and productively.” ~ J.D.

“Dinita’s healing helped me when I was in a considerable amount of pain. Not only did she make me feel better, but gave me a new perspective on my health in general. I would recommend her to anybody seeking a holistic approach to understanding their health and body. A truly eye-opening and wonderful experience!” ~ M.B.

“Dinita Nicole exudes quiet strength and wisdom in her mere presence. I am in awe of her skills as an energy healer and intuitive.” ~ K.B.

“Reiki has taken me to a whole other field of living. I was a worrier, and there was a time in my life where I joked that I was a warrior worrier. But it was not a joke. I spent most of my time worrying about everything. After trying Reiki Level I, I was not worried. I found myself doing things that had been off limits in my life… It has truly been a life changing experience and I am grateful to Dinita Nicole for providing the opportunity to learn this amazing technique.” ~ J.L.

“I visited Dinita Nicole for an emotional release session, and the first incredible experience was her opening my chakras.  I have never felt that sensation before and it was so uplifting.  As the session continued I felt safe and secure in her hands, and believe that the work she did on my embedded hurts, past, etc. truly helped.  The effect has been subtle, yet powerful.  I feel more in touch with the reality that I able to do anything, and that I am in charge of my life.” ~ D.A.